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Past HSA Presidents


Name Tenure
Dan Sailer 1982 – 1999
In 1982, Mary Sailer had five boys who were interested in playing soccer. Four ofthem were  her sons. The fifth was her husband, Dan.So, in the interest of his sons, Dan joined Phil Bucccellato and Peter Biro to run the Hillsdale Soccer Association after Rino Crea, Andy Schmidt and Joe Talamo got things started in 1976. And then Dan worked with Rino to start a second adult soccer league in Hillsdale, where he himself played on what was called Hillsdale West.When his youngest son stopped playing soccer in town, Dan thought he’d take a break from 15 years of coaching and running the association. That lasted about a week, and he said to Mary, “I just miss soccer and the kids too much. I need a team.” And so, he started coaching what was then the HSA U8 girls’ team (who he coached up until a winning 2001-02 season).Few people so epitomize good sportsmanship, a love of kids and a love of the game of soccer as Dan.He could go from coaching a group of high school boys to coaching a group of first, second and third grade girls on the same afternoon without missing a beat.One parent says, “In over 50 games that he’s coached for my daughter, I have never heard him yell at a ref. I have never heard him raise his voice or lose his temper in any situation. And I have never heard him give a negative comment to any child. Never. And believe me, he has been tested.”Dan is a true gentleman in every sense of the word, whose only ulterior motive is to instill a love of soccer in the children of Hillsdale. If you could dream up the perfect coach and the premier board president, Dan would be him.But that’s only the beginning of Dan. Because every year, until his retirement in 2003, he either ran or co-ran the Kindergarten recreational soccer league.When he wasn’t doing that, he was a major voice in the Metro Youth Soccer League, or negotiating the HSA’s status in the Northern Counties league, setting up nets, surveying and coordinating fields, watching over the development of Centennial Field, cleaning up messes (of many types) and, just for good measure, arranging league brunches.Dan is the master of calming people down — parents, coaches and board members. The fact is, there is almost nobody who doesn’t get along with this gentle, level-headed, genuine, intelligent man.
Dan retired from the Hillsdale Soccer Association in 2003. He lives happily with his wife, Mary, in south Jersey, and spends his free time visiting his four sons and their families and his grandchildren.He was honored with the HSA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 and will always be the heart of Hillsdale Soccer.
Mark Krieger 2000 – 2003
Since 1990, Marc has been an enthusiastic and energetic volunteer. He has been a coach for many years. Serving as President from 2000-2003, his unselfish dedication to improving the quality of youth recreational soccer has allowed the program to more than double in participants from kindergarten to 9th grade to over 1,200 players on over 100 teams with supervision from over 250 volunteer coaches. In 2002, Marc started the town’s first youth lacrosse program and served as President of both organizations. Marc will continue to serve as the President of Hillsdale Lacrosse. We applaud Marc for being an inspiration to all parents and volunteers.
Rich Harada 2004 – 2005
In 1996, Rich returned to live in his hometown of Hillsdale. Having grown up here, he came to love this town. However, when he was a boy, a soccer program did not exist. In 1997, Rich got a taste of coaching soccer for his son. He met Dan Sailor, whose unselfishness motivation was all that Rich needed to get involved not only as a soccer coach but also as a soccer board member and President. Little did Rich know that more than a decade later, he would still be coaching and serving on the soccer board, working to expand the soccer association’s role in the community, and expanding other youth soccer programs, which include Arsenal travel soccer, winter recreation soccer, and children with special needs soccer camps. Rich has also led Cub Pack 331 and Boy Scout Troop 108, and serves on the administrative council of the United Methodist Church. It’s nice to know when you need someone to help out, you can count on Rich! Sadly, Rich passed away in 2010, but his tireless volunteerism and drive to provide a better future for the youth of our community will live on forever in our Soccer Association.
Kevin Coyle 2006 – 2008
Since 2002, Kevin has coached in our soccer program. Although he admitted to be a “football” guy, Kevin came to love the game of soccer. During the past years, Kevin coached and also held the positions of league director in the fall recreation soccer program, Arsenal traveling soccer program, and PVISL winter indoor traveling soccer program. In 2003, Kevin joined the board of directors of the soccer program, and served as its President from 2006 to 2009. Under his leadership, he successfully automated player registration, increased the selection of soccer summer camps, and instituted a set of Hillsdale Soccer Association by-laws. He truly exemplifies the word “volunteer”.

.Jim Raleigh                                                                                                          2008 – 2010

Jim has always taken on the most difficult jobs and been prepared to step up whenever needed.  With a winning smile and a dry sense of humor he has been a steady hand on the tiller, guiding the adults as well as the participants through a challenging list of changes to our program. During Jim’s tenure the Association began working more readily online with social networking and photography. He also oversaw the addition of professional training to all levels of our program, to improve both our players and our coaches. Having stepped down as President,  Jim continues to be an active Board member and is responsible for scheduling every game, practice and event. This is his version of stepping down!

Andy Pearson                                                                                                      2011-2016

Also known as “The guy with the accent.” Even when Andy’s children “aged out” of the program, Andy committed to the board and continued to coach various ages. Our fearless, English leader, Andy also managed the TSF training program. Andy also offered his advisement to improve the board positions as well as coach quality. Andy and his wife relocated to Massachusetts but he gave us permission to pester him with questions (as long as it’s not during a Manchester United match). We are trying to think of some questions which will give us an excuse to call him, so please let us know if you have any ideas.