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Interested in volunteering? Please feel free to attend one of our monthly board meetings, held at 8:15PM the first Thursday of every month at the Hillsdale Borough Hall.

President: Nikesh Shah

Vice President: Louis Casale

Treasurer: Michael Ellis

Secretary: Melissa Newell

2022 Board Members: 

Drew Metz, Scott Perlman, Brendan McNamara, Paul Wasserman, Meghan Dakan, and Jamie Bianco

Coaches Eligibility Coordinator: Meg Hyland-Dakan

Director of Field Scheduling: Scott Perlman

Director of Player Safety: Kevin Killian

Director of Field Lighting/Lining: Brendan McNamara  

Director of Field Inspection: Drew Metz

Player, Coach and Referee Guide: Kevin McManus

Registration, Website & Social Media Administrator: Melissa Newell

Photography Coordinator: Meg Hyland-Dakan

Director of Sponsor Recruitment: Louis Casale

Director of Equipment and Field Preparation:  Brendan McNamara

Director of Rules and Referee Development: Kevin McManus

Uniforms:  Paul Wasserman

NVISL Indoor Soccer Liaison: Scott Perlman


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