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URGENT: Board Members Needed!

There are currently 10 Hillsdale Board members responsible for the soccer program. Most of the board members have children who have aged out of the program, and will be stepping down after this year. We need reinforcements to help with this program to continue. We meet on the first Thursday of every month at 8:15pm at Borough Hall. Please join us to support the Hillsdale Soccer Association and help us continue this program. Some of the things we need volunteers for include:

League Directors and Coaches - volunteer to help organize a league or coach a team!

Sponsorships - work with local businesses to sponsor teams for the Fall season.

Scheduling Coordinator - work with Hillsdale and River Vale towns and PVYSL coordinators to set up the practice & games schedule fpr the Fall season.

Photography Coordinator - set up team & individual photo sessions & schedule with a local photographer.

Referee Coordinator - coordinate training, uniform distribution, and scheduling

Training Coordinator - work with TSF Trainers to set up mini-camps, practice schedules and Pre-K, K, B12 & G12 training sessions.

Equipment - Early in the season, volunteer for 1 or 2 days to organize the shed, set up coaches bags (soccer balls, first aid kits) pinnies, flags, cones).

Uniforms/Trophies - Early in the season, coordinate uniform orders with design, sponsorship names and colors for the league. At the end of the season, determine trophy count, select design, and place orders.

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